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What do you feel like? Maybe some delicious prawns from Lyngenfjorden, juniper smoked salmon or trout, a small taste of smoked whale, delicate sashimi, fresh bread from the bakery at Å? Or simply the most delicious handmade fish burger, topped with whatever you would want? The delicacy shop and seafood bar offer everything you would need for a great meal. You can shop for local flavors and ingredients and bring them on your journey throughout Lofoten, or sit down and enjoy our tasteful small dishes with a nice glass of whatever you would prefer.

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local seafood bar Our Menu

At the delicacy shop we have a grab and eat concept which is perfect for you if need a a bite on the go. You can buy small dishes at the counter, such as our world wide famous fishburgers topped with shrimps and salmon, and enjoy them with a view in our seafood bar.

local store on sakrisøy Delicacy shop

We have a rich variety of self-produced delicacies from Sakrisøy; juniper smoked salmon and trout, pickled salmon, smoked whale and halibut, stockfish, dried and salted cod, caviar, horseradish, and aioli. In the seafood bar we also have fresh prawns from Lyngen, king crab and fresh seasonal fish.

Our burger is handmade by Bente Brekken at Ballstad with seasonal fresh haddock, saithe and cod. The bun is specially made for us at Kringla bakery in Svolvær.

Anita’s vision:
“We want to give our guests a unique experience, based on our culture and long history.”

tradition Production

For five generations, we at Sakrisøy have harvested and prepared high-quality seafood from the seas around Lofoten. The vast supply of produce is unique, and the road from life to finished product is short. In modern production facilities, we use traditional methods when we smoke salmon, whale and halibut, among other things. Every autumn we make seasonal stockfish (lutefisk) based on our own traditions and recipes.

from generation to tradition Stockfish

Every winter, Sakrisøy is covered with Lofoten cod, which over the course of spring turns into prime stockfish. Stockfish is a world class delicacy and an important part of Norway’s cultural heritage. The climate in Northern Norway is perfect for creating stockfish – with temperatures of around 0°C and just the right balance of wind, sun and rain. A subtle change in weather conditions can affect the product, which is why only stockfish from Norway tastes like it should – mild and with a firm texture that holds even after soaking.

Stockfish from Lofoten has even been awarded Protected Geographical Classification in the EU.

Kamil and Lukasz are experts in the meticulous work required in the production of stockfish. No season are alike and every year the weather and the amount of fish caught will decide how the outdoor production becomes.