what to see Explore

With Sakrisøy as your base, you can experience the best Lofoten has to offer. Scenic hikes, northern lights, midnight sun and so much more. We will do our best to make your stay as good as it possibly can be. Welcome to Sakrisøy!

Take a hike The Reinefjord

The Reinefjord is one of the most spectacular places in Lofoten. Amongst things to do here, you can visit one of Lofoten’s most scenic and isolated beaches, Bunes. With its vast expanses of white sand and imposing mountains this is a «must see» in Lofoten.

magical surroundings The Northern Lights

Every autumn and winter the northern light dance across the skies over Sakrisøy. And with all the iconic mountains surrounding us and almost no light contamination, this is the place to be at this time of year.

Raw Nature

In Lofoten you have to expect the unexpected. If you are out on a boat, or even on land, you may suddenly come across a pod of orca (killer whales) or see a white-tailed eagle flying right over your head.