Rorbu Cabins

Our fisherman’s cabins (rorbuer) date back to 1874, and are situated on the seaside with a view of the Reinefjord and some of the most iconic mountains in Lofoten. The cabins have been refurbished to a high standard with all the amenities you need, without losing the authentic feeling of craftsmanship and tradition.

Previously, the «rorbu» cabins were an important factor in attracting visiting fishermen to stay at the fishing station. Now, they are an attraction to travellers from far and wide who seek to experience the Lofoten Islands – and stay in overnight accommodations with the sea beneath their floorboards.

Olstind Cabin

With the iconic mountain of Olstind as a backdrop, this rorbu cabin provides you with everything you may expect for a comfortable stay. The cabin has two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and a sitting room which is a great space for relaxing while enjoying the scenery, or for having a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.


Mini Apartment

Our Mini Apartment offers everything you need as a single traveller or as a couple looking for a small yet warm and cosy accommodations in scenic surroundings. The living room, the kitchen and the bathroom are situated on the ground floor, while you'll find the sleeping area upstairs in the loft.


«This is absolutely the best location to stay in Lofoten. The view from the living room does not seem real.»

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