a place in lofoten Sakrisøy

The small island of Sakrisøy is situated at the foot of Olstind, one of Lofoten’s most iconic mountains. Here, the Gylseth-family has harvested and prepared high-quality seafood, and accommodated travellers for almost 130 years. Sakrisøy is the perfect place to explore the rich history and traditions of Lofoten. With ever-changing weather, fresh seafood and modern accommodations, its the perfect base for exploring the raw nature of the Lofoten archipelago.


Oldstind bua Sakrisøy

A place to sleep Rorbu Cabins

When you are looking for a great view in warm surroundings our fisherman’s cabins (rorbuer), that dates back to 1874, are perfect. Here you can experience Lofoten’s changing nature in traditional and authentic surroundings.


A place to eat Anita’s Seafood

Seafood has always been a big part in Lofotens long and rich history. At our delicacy shop our products and dishes are based on decades of perfection and tradition.

We offer a wide range of seafood; stockfish, clipfish, smoked salmon, halibut, caviar and a selection of fresh fish. At the shop you can also buy light meals, perfect dishes if you’re on the go, or just crave a light meal with a view

We are here

Sakrisøy is situated by the Reinefjord, between Reine and Hamnøy in the municipality of Moskenes, Lofoten.

The E10 crosses the island, and by the shop we offer parking for guests of Anita’s Seafood.